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Why Mentorship is the best form of education

Written by Jason Euler  |  May 5, 2020

For thousands of years humans have passed down knowledge and skill sets to future generations. With each passing generation the skillsets became more refined and the knowledge became vast. In today’s day and age we have the ability to share and consume information at a rapid pace. Thus creating the advanced society we live in today.

Unless you were planning on becoming a Doctor or a Lawyer there’s a high probability the Education system failed you. Thank god you learned how to find the hypotenuse of triangles in high school. What about how to file an LLC or how to do your taxes? How about branding and marketing yourself or even learning how to network? My guess is that the education system left those things out.

So now what? You’re in the real world with no applicable skills that you need to pursue what you are actually passionate about. Luckily you can go to the internet and consume a ton of information on any subject of your choosing. What if that specific answer you need though can’t be found? What if that answer you need is specific to you and your journey, where do you go then? That’s right. You’re going to go seek advice from an expert or someone that has experience. Mentorship will always remain at the forefront of human civilization. We can learn from the people who have achieved success and expand upon their ideas and create our own blueprint to follow.

If you’ve never built a house before, are you gonna run to the store to buy some bricks and wood and get going? No, you’re going to reach out to an architect, contractor, and bank to make sure you can do it. So why pursue the career of wanting to work in the music industry without consulting a touring Artist, Manager, Agent, Promoter, or other people who have the experience you long to gain.

You can sit in a classroom for years learning to become a doctor but until you actually get in the operating room and learn from the surgeon who’s been doing it for decades you won’t know a thing about it.

Mentorship is the key you need to gain success in the field you wish to pursue. A smart man learns from his own mistakes and a wise man learns from the mistakes of others. When we learn from a Mentor we learn first hand what to avoid and where to direct our time and efforts. This information and direction can drastically change the outcome of where you wish to go. When we save time we save our most valuable currency in life. That time can be reallocated to the things that are actually going to help you advance and grow as an Artist.

Make sure you are taking the right path so you don’t find yourself going in circles. Lean on mentorship and know investing in education and knowledge is the best thing you can do for yourself.