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10 Questions with BEAUZ on music, mentorship, and living as a musician during Covid-19

Written by Jason Euler  |  June 22, 2020

Q: What do you believe makes the Beauz sound unique compared to other artists in your niche?

Our sound focuses on 3 principles clean, edgy, and catchy. On top of that, we fuse oriental sonic elements into our songs and we believe that our new style, Psy Pop, is the ultimate answer to bridge the gap in the music taste between east and west. No other artists currently pioneer in the fast pace pop music space like us.

Q: Connections can be the difference between life and death in the music industry. Would you mind sharing a story or a chance meeting that changed everything for you and your career?

Covid19 really changed the trajectory of our career. Just like every other artists, our shows got canceled and we were struggling to survive. However the courage to do something different and to make moves when everybody else thinks it’s crazy to make moves allow us to really step outside of the comfort zone.

By hosting blockeloo music festival with adventure club, sam feldt, vicetone and many others graciously supporting us, we’ve shown the industry that opportunity comes from impossibility. We also got the chance to work on music with many artists that inspired us to get into music in the first place so be on the look out for surprises!

Q: Speaking of connections, how did you first get connected with Spinnin Records?

Our first encounter with spinnin records was when we released a track on their copyright free label. Jeffrey Lens was very friendly and hopeful and they provided us encouragements to advance our sounds and finally one day through the hands of Warner’s Director of dance music in Asia Cindy Gu our single “Feel The Light” got to Jorn and the rest of the team. It became the first release on Spinnin Records Asia, marking spinnin’s presence in the international stage starting from us.

Shout out to spinnin for believing in Psy pop.

Q: How often do you think connections can grow into something more than just business? Have you ever had a business connection grow into something more like a mentorship?

I think it all comes down to

What you can bring to the table

what kind of energy you give off

Often times due to timing and many other reasons connections won’t end up converting into business opportunity. But as long as you work on yourself, continuously network and give off the right kind of energy, people will eventually present these opportunities to you. Providing values and treating others how you’d like to be treated always works out in favor for us.

Never did a business relationship ever grew into mentor ship, but many of my personal connections and friendships have resulted in great mentorship. I’d like to give a special shoutout to Andy Zhang and Anton Zedd for always giving me the best guidance possible even during the toughest times.

Q: How important would you say mentors are in the music industry? Care to share something that a mentor has taught you in life?

Mentorship is important and can help you cut some corners. But in order to grow into a brand that can survive the test of time it mainly depends on your willingness to innovate and your perseverance.

Zedd gave us the best advice. And that is – good music is timeless. Timing is everything and when you give an already amazing project some time to mature and blossom on its own, it will result in unimaginable wonders. We will never forget this because it helped us get through the lowest points of our career when everything seemed to be stuck and nothing seemed to work.

Q: Your career has come full circle, and you are at a place where you can begin to mentor others alongside The Artist Path. What is the first piece of advice you tell anyone who wants to be where you are at now?

Know who you wanna be, never be afraid to innovate, and never give up.

Q: We already chatted about what makes your sound as a producer unique, but what makes you unique as a teacher or mentor? What experiences and perspectives are you able to share with students and confidants?

Instead of giving you insights of purely from a producer perspective, our experimental and diverse professional background can show you the fact that there are many ways of achieving success, and how combination of grasping the right opportunities result in wonder.

Q: The COVID virus has made these days quite stressful. What are you doing to cope and stay sane?

Stay busy man. Keep making music, keep looking for ways to stand out, expose you and your music to an audience. The work don’t stop just cuz the world’s on pause.

Q: We hear often about all the negative things that have come from quarantine and the virus. Would you mind sharing a positive story or thing that has come out of quarintine in your life?

Numerous collaborations and connections made are a direct result of the covid19. Blockeley music festival happened because the students of Berkeley did not want to bow down to the wrath of the lock down. This is the true expression of American spirit where we gather the power of the community and fought for freedom.

Q: What can producers and others in the industry do during these solitary months to really jumpstart their careers within the music industry?

Think different. Live stream. Start a merch line. Start a tiktok, throw a virtual rave. Do something and do it well and consistently. That will become you.